Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Golfer

Once at a golf course there was a teenage boy playing golf. Hole 1, 2, and 3 he made hole in ones. He even made hole in ones on 4, 5, 6, and 7. You know what? He made 50 hole in ones over and over. When he was grown up to a grown-up, he became a golf pro.
Once he battled someone over fifty holes. And won a trophy. He became so good that he became so rich. So he bought his own golf course and played on it all the time.

Then, at this golf course, one time, he missed a hole in one fifty times. So he had to battle again on fifty holes. But that time he lost. It was terrible! And then somehow at night the moon shined on his face and then somehow he came back to the famous hitter. So, he hit fifty holes over and over again.

And then, he went to the man in charge of the golf course. And he said, "I'm ready for a big challenge." Then the best hitter ever came out to challenge him. His name was Ratchet! On the first hole, Ratchet accidentally hit the ball so hard that it went past the hole and went into the lake. And the golfing guy made a hole in one! He kept on making holes in one until it was the very last one. Then Ratchet came out. He hit it so hard that it went around the earth and made a hole in one. But, the famous golf pro, he came out and he did not give up. He hit the ball. It made a hole in one! And bounced out Ratchet's ball.

And the famous hitter became the PRO! And Ratchet was back down as normal.

The End


Amber said...

Great Story, Keaton!


Jo said...

That story is so great, Keaton!! I am looking forward to more from you. You are a very good writer. Keep up the good work.
I love you!
Aunt Jo

Stephanie said...

You are so creative Keaton! Can't wait to read more. I'll have to send this to Mr. Eric also.

Mrs. Stephanie

mich said...

I love your story! I hope you come and see me soon!

Auntie 'chele