Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baseball Is Life

Once there was a baseball team called the Yankees. Everyone on the team was:

Keaton -- pitcher

Sawyer -- batter

Tate -- 2nd batter

Tanner -- 1st base

Elijah -- 2nd base

John Michael -- outfield

Zachary -- shortstop

Will -- catcher

Zach -- outfield

Jordan -- outfield

Kayla -- outfield

Dawson -- outfield

Camille -- outfield

Moriah -- outfield

Walt -- outfield

Gavin -- 3rd base

Once they played a game against the Cardinals. And whenever it was their turn to hit, Tate and Sawyer bounced right in. And then they each hit a ball. They both went over the fence. They were winning!! They were such awesome hitters. Whenever it was the Cardinals' turn to bat, they also hit it over the fence. Then after that, the pitcher and the others got three outs. And then when it was the Yankees turn to bat, Sawyer and Tate stepped right back in.

Sawyer got up to the plate. He whacked that ball! Then Tate whacked it too. When they both went over the fence, the Cardinals' ball that had gone over the fence before, bounced back in!

The Yankee's won the game! After that, they won 50 games. And then it was their game before their last one. They played the Travelers.

The Travelers were up to bat first and they hit it three times. The bases were loaded. But the Yankees did not give up. Keaton pitched the ball. After he pitched it, the batter hit it, but John Michael caught it in the outfield. And then, he got the runner out. He threw it to 2nd and got that runner out. Then Elijah threw it to home and got that runner out.

Then the Yankees were up to bat. Sawyer hit the ball. He hit it out over the fence. He made a home run!! But, something stopped him. One of the outfielders jumped over the fence, picked up the ball, and threw it to the outfielders. Then the outfielder threw it to 2nd, but Sawyer was already running home. 2nd threw it home, but Sawyer did not give up. Sawyer ran and when he got to the plate, the catcher was in front of it. Sawyer ran to the side a little and swung on the catcher's arm and up on the catcher's head and jumped onto home plate! He was safe!!

Then Tate was up to bat. He did the exact same thing!!

The game was over. The Yankees had won the game!! Then finally it was their last game against the hardest team -- the Pirates! So whenever they began the Pirates were up to bat first. The batter hit it almost over the fence. But whenever it got right to the fence, all the Yankees' outfielders came together and stacked up as a ladder and the person on the top caught the ball. And then Keaton figured out this was a hard team to beat. So, he had the ball, he was going to throw it, but instead of really throwing the ball, he faked the pitch. The Pirates' batter batted and took off running and made it almost to 3rd, but the pitcher still had the ball. So, he threw it to 3rd. That was an out! The Pirate was confused.

Then the pitcher faked again to the 3rd batter on the Pirates. And then whenever he faked the pitch, the batter thought he hit the ball, so he took off to 1st. Then 2nd. The pitcher rolled it backwards behind him to Elijah. He got out by tagging the runner.

So it was finally the Yankees' turn. Tate came up to bat. He hit it, then the outfielder jumped for the ball, but whenever it got in his glove, it rolled out and landed over the fence. That was a home run ball! Then Sawyer was up to bat. He hit it so hard on the ground that it made everyone on the field's feet on fire! And then it went through the hole in the fence.

They won the game! And they won a trophy.

The End.


KST Dad said...

Great story Keaton but I'm not sure why the Yankees had to beat the Cardinals. Next time make it the Cubs.

mich said...

Hey keaton! This is Jordan. I want to tell you that we will have a lot of fun at my house too! I'm excited to see you...we might get to go bowling and swimming. See you next week! Bye!

Keaton, I loved your story! Can't wait to see you! Kayla

You are a great writer! I like how you included your cousins in your story! When do I get to be in one? Aunt Michele

Jo said...

You know what? I got so caught up in the baseball game that I forgot it was a "story" you wrote!!! haha
I was really into that game, you made it seem so real! Of course, I'll just bet all of you guys could get out there and really knock them out, just like in your story!
Hooray for your team!!!
Aunt Jo

mich said...

Hey KEATON.This is JORDAN i wanted to tell you that I like your story's.I think you have a wonderful imagination.when are you coming to my house.