Monday, July 14, 2008

Animal Saver

Once there was a man who cared about animals. He had some animal friends. There was a big dog named Henry, a hare named Rocky, a squirrel named Elmer, a meerkat named Dylan, a rat named Rasie Ruth, a monkey named John Swingtest, a giraffe named Longneck, a rhino named ThreeHorns, and a pelican named Nick.

There were three kids that were their friends named Luke, Zack, and Tom. They always hung out with the animals. They always played sports, exercised, and played lots of games.

One day a guy came and robbed Henry, ThreeHorns, and Nick. And then at the place where he took them he put these hats on them. And then all three of them turned kind of evil and went to destroy the others.

First, ThreeHorns tried to destroy them. But, when he got over there, Luke jumped up and scooped the hat off. ThreeHorns stopped and he turned back good. Then, Nick tried to destroy them next. But right when he was about to scoop Zack up, Zack jumped in his mouth and then jumped on his head, got the hat and Nick turned back good. So, they flew back safely. Then Henry tried to destroy Tom. But Tom ducked down and tripped him. Whenever he fell, he caught him and the hat rolled off.

They knew that that guy was evil. The guy came back and stole Rasie Ruth. So they ran after him. Tom jumped on John Swingtest while he was swinging on the vines. Luke hopped on ThreeHorns and Zack jumped on Nick. They all went after them. But right when they got there the bad guy turned on his shield. They all bumped into it. Tom fell off John Swingtest, Zack fell off Nick and fell onto ThreeHorns with Luke. Then they both landed on Longneck and slid down his neck safely. They were all okay.

The next night they all got an idea. They all thought that Dylan could dig a hole under the shield. So, it worked. They were inside the shield. They dodged inside. And then all the animals got stuck in traps. ThreeHorns got his nose stuck in an electric fence. Nick got bonked on the head with a coconut. Henry got his tail stuck in a string. Elmer got trapped in a cage because he saw a nut in there. Dylan got trapped in a hole of dirt. The walls and ground were armor, so he couldn't dig out. John Swingtest got tangled in vines. Longneck got his neck stuck in the vines, too. Rocky saw a carrot inside a cage, so he got trapped just like Elmer.

Then Luke, Tom, and Zack all saw Rasie Ruth with a hat on. So, they knocked it off. And then, Luke got Dylan out of the hole. Tom unhooked ThreeHorns. Zack swung on vines and got John Swingtest and Longneck untangled. Luke and Tom just got Elmer and Rocky out of the cages. Zack cut the rope that Henry had got stuck in. And all of them got some water and poured it on Nick so he would come awake.

So then they all went, tied up the bad guy with the vines, and left and had a party.

The End.


Aaron said...

Great story, Keaton!

Mich said...

hEY keaton
this is jordan i like your animal story it was cool.sorry i couldn't come to your party i herd you had a great time even without me.i hope you can to my house befor christmas and thanksgiving i miss having you here to play with