Monday, September 15, 2008

The Eight Pets

I've had eight pets.

My first pet was Daisy. A dog. My mom and dad had that dog when I was still in my mom's tummy. She died.

My next pets were Ty, Puddles, and Lucy. Lucy was a mean dog. Ty and Puddles were pretty much okay. Ty and Puddles were once my Grammy and Poohpa's dogs. We got Lucy from my friend Drew. Ty ran away and died, so did Puddles. They were really old. And Lucy died, too.

Our next pet was Einstein. A turtle. We got Einstein from our school's pond. He was a little and nice turtle. But, then, we were going to Nanny's house and we stopped at the creek and let him go free. Bye Bye, Einstein.

Our next three pets are Ozzie, Indiana Jones, and Luke Skywalker. We still have them today. Luke and Indiana are cats. And Ozzie is a dog. Ozzie will just pound ya. Luke ran away to find a girlfriend. Indiana climbs trees really like Indiana Jones and is not afraid of water.

I'll try and put a picture of them on here tomorrow. Right now I have to go to bed. Bye for a little while. See you tomorrow with pictures. Bye.

1 comment:

Jim said...

Very good, Keaton. I enjoyed hearing about your pets. Does Indiana Jones have a whip? And does Luke have a Light Saber? Which one sleeps on Ozzie's paws?

Keep writing. I like your stories.